The advantages of being trained at Gussmann

The advantages of being trained at Gussmann

If what you are looking for is not the second best training, come straight to us …

The advantages of being trained at Gussmann

If what you are looking for is not the second best training, come straight to us …
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OUTSTANDING! We are proud that, as a result of our training, our trainees are repeatedly found amongst the best in the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) district and even in the whole of Lower Saxony.

Our Trainees achieved that among other things in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Why train with an insurance broker?

  1. We advise the right side
    We are clearly and without any doubt on the side of the policy holder which means that it is our task to protect the rights and the requirements of our clients against the insurance companies and not to sell just any insurance products – and that is a good thing.
  2. Our work is required long-term
    Insurance concepts for medium-sized companies continue to grow ever more complex. For this reason, the requirement for professional advice on the part of the policy holder is growing rather than reducing. In contrast insurance for the private individual is moving to other sales platforms, such as the internet.
  3. Independent and self-confident
    We are independent of all insurance companies. This means that we make the best decisions for our clients. There are no sales targets or pressure from the insurer. What are decisive for our clients are quality and service.

Why training with Gussmann?

  1. We look after demanding customers from industry and commerce
    In contrast to private and small business insurance, for our middle-sized customers/companies/enterprises we develop individual insurance concepts ourselves. In other words we shape the insurance protection for our clients at a high level. This means that our daily work is very varied and never boring.
  2. Our employees receive a fixed income
    Our employees receive a fixed income, which makes it possible to give advice in a professional and honest way without the eternal pressure of being driven, that one’s own existence is threatened.
  3. No “knocking on doors” during training
    Because our work involves insuring livelihoods, a high degree of knowledge and experience in giving advice is needed. This is why we train our employees intensively in their field of expertise and do not just send them out to find clients independently, as is sadly often the case in the market.
  4. We are an owner-managed company
    Our company is a third-generation family company. Part of the company philosophy is to develop it in a long-term positive manner and not just to achieve a short-term maximisation of profits. This achieves a secure future and close community of all employees in the company.
  5. We are internationally active
    Of course, we care successfully for our multinational clients worldwide. Anyone who is ambitious will find their challenge here. International development takes place in the English language and has a lot to do with strategic development and organisation. We have had internal English teaching for years to help develop language skills.

Some opinions of our trainees

This is what our trainees past and present themselves have to say about training at Gussmann’s:

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