Risk management for insurable risks

Risk management for insurable risks

…  small cause, large effect!

Risk management for insurable risks

…  small cause, large effect!
Risk management for insurable risks

We show you how easily and cleverly you can improve your risk situation long-term with us and in doing so, how you can influence your insurance premium.

  • New construction and fire protection advice
  • Liability management in your supply chain
  • Crisis management

New construction and fire protection advice

When you know how, safety is not expensive!

Why does Gussmann give advice on this topic?

Because no-one else does to the extent required.
In Germany, the state fire regulations, as the basis for construction permits, concentrate as a rule on the protection of people and animals. The authorities are not responsible for the
protection of tangible assets and the so important business continuity. But we are. Our strength lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the most varied risk scenarios. This is how we find the optimal and yet inexpensive solution for more security. And we even have our own engineers available in-house to ensure that this is done in the best possible way.

The following points have always to be borne in mind:

  • Ideal fire compartmentalisation
  • Selection of construction materials
  • Business continuity analyses
  • Passive and active burglary protection

Liability management in the supply chain

Always check the smallprint!

Every perfect product needs a perfect supply contract

iStock_000007287032XLargeIn business transactions, both national and especially international, more and more clauses are hidden in the contract by the customers but also by the suppliers, and these can lead to considerably tighter liability provisions. In the event of damage comes the rude awakening.
We always advise our clients to have their conditions of supply but also their purchase conditions checked and updated by specialised lawyers. This applies especially to all individual contracts that are presented to you. We show you the aspects requiring special attention so that you do not lose the protection of your personal liability insurance as a result of the way your contract was drafted.

You should also bear in mind:

  • Exclusion of liability for financial losses/property damage
  • Modification of incoming goods inspection in accordance with §377 HGB (German Commercial Code)
  • Vermeidung von pauschalen Serienschadenregelungen
  • Indemnity declarations must be authorised by the insurer

Crisis Management

… for that moment which everybody hopes they will never see

Emergency planning is the key to survival

iStock_000025087039XXXLarge.jpgEvery major loss or incident of major damage presents a challenge of surviving the crisis for an enterprise. And in this it is irrelevant whether the factory burns down or the news media report that an article of foodstuffs is to be recalled from production.
In order to survive this serious crisis, it is very important to have a well-thought-out emergency plan.
Your customers are quick to ask the question whether they can still get goods from you and end-customers wonder if they should buy the product at all. Here a proactive approach is necessary. We develop an individualised plan for this in conjunction with our clients.

The following points have always to be borne in mind:

  • Press releases for the most important scenarios
  • Planning of alternative capacities
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Prepared communications to the clients

Discuss your security and risk management needs with us

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