The Set-up of the Group

The Set-up of the Group

Owner-managed and independent...

The Set-up of the Group

Owner-managed and independent...

As an innovative owner-managed family business, the Group is consistently orientated towards the cover requirements of our clients. Here, stability and reliability are among the most important foundation stones.

The core of the Group consists of three operating companies:

  • Gußmann GmbH + Co. KG, Insurance Brokers in Osnabrück
  • Gußmann GmbH + Co. KG, Insurance Brokers-Leipzig in Leipzig
  • Gußmann GmbH + Co. KG, Consultancy Services in Osnabrück

In order to ensure that we closely meet the business insurance requirements of our clients, our client care has for some years been divided into segments covering:

  • Industry including international business
  • Trade
  • Private

We attach great importance to ensuring that all our staff in the different segments have the same high level of qualifications. They work closely with their clients in order to guarantee optimum care. Two additional services which fit together perfectly have been organised into their own departments:

  • Pension management
  • Risk Management


Herwig Gußmann and Bodo Gußmann are the sole shareholders of all companies of the Gußmann Group. This means that strategic developments can be implemented with vision and authority, but at the same time quick decisions, to the advantage of our clients, can be taken without having to wait for approval from London, Chicago or Munich.

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