We assume responsibility

Our work is more than just a job!

We assume responsibility

Our work is more than just a job!
Herwig and Bodo Gussmann

Even in times of economic challenges our ethical principles are still vital to us. As owners, the responsibility is ours.

Responsibility for our clients means:

Responsibility for your optimal protection

We look after you like fragile crystal. There is a customised and comprehensive safety strategy for every risk. We’ll find the best one for you. For this we repeatedly and intensively analyse your individual risk situation and adapt the insurance concept to your needs. It is clear to us that your continued existence can depend on our good work. There is no room here for carelessness! There is often no second chance, we know that.

Responsibility for your experienced support team

We also stay on board for you after take-off. It’s not just a question of a perfect take-off but also a safe flight and a controlled landing, time and time again. It is just the same with company security which, in this day and age, needs constant and practical care from a dedicated support team.
Our firm provides this with the Gussmann-2-Plus strategy, in other words the continuous support of a client by two experienced specialists with advanced professional qualifications. The promise which we make is that we will continue to care for our clients over the decades with a very high level of service.

Responsibility for our enterprise means:

Responsibility for the next generation

We are in the third generation of an owner-run family business. For the benefit of our clients we make all decisions ourselves in-house, and what’s more we do it swiftly and accurately. There are no shareholders in New York, London or Munich who tell us what we have to do. We want to maintain this important independence in the future, for succeeding generations. This is why we are aiming at long-term success and not just to maximise our profits in the short-term.

Responsibility for our employees

As a consultancy and a service provider, our employees are our greatest asset. Anyone who wishes to give perfect consultation needs people who love their job and fully commit themselves in the service of our clients. This requires a high degree of freedom and independence with the work. This is the only way in which the full creativity and efficiency of our employees can fully benefit your security.

This philosophy means that employee turnover in our firm is very low and continuity in client support therefore very high. We recently said goodbye to a colleague who had spent 46 years of her working life with us.

Responsibility for the society means:

Responsibility for young mothers

We promote the reintegration of young mothers after their parental leave. We constantly try to integrate well-trained young women into our company after maternity leave. In doing so, we are pleased that we can fall back on the know-how and the experience of these mothers. And the mothers benefit by working part-time with us, since it allows them to continue to use their professional skills and to combine work and family life.

Responsibility for young people

To us training and further qualifications have always played a key role. And with great success! On five occasions between 2005 – 2013 we received the IHK (German Chamber of Commerce) county and even state award “Best in the Profession”. We also require and encourage our employees to undertake postgraduate studies for advanced insurance qualifications.

We provide IHK examiners and lecturers for training
Since 1970 we have been supporting the IHK by providing experts for the examination of future specialists in our field of work. In addition, we train our employees within the framework of their studies to become insurance business administrators. In this way, we share our knowledge and increase the know-how of the industry.

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