Occupational health management

You need the best heads

… full of energy!

You need the best heads

… full of energy!
Occupational health management

Motivated qualified staff are the alpha and omega of German medium-sized enterprises. We show you how you can retain them and keep sickness absenteeism to a minimum through:

  • occupational health management
  • company health insurance
  • your benefit

Occupational health management

Healthy employees secure your place in pole position

Forewarned is forearmed!

Many people go to the family doctor or to hospital only when something is wrong. Then the recovery phase is often long and arduous. It is better to avoid this kind of visit.
Most serious illnesses in our modern society can be brought under control or made less acute if they are recognised early enough, because often even simple measures are sufficient to remain healthy and energetic. Most large companies recognised this at an early stage, and they work proactively to maintain the health of their employees.
We will show you how, as a successful middle-sized company, you can also keep your sickness absenteeism level low and retain your staff.

Possible elements of your health management:

  • basic check-ups for employees, adapted to your type of operation
  • supplementary check-ups, up to a complete examination
  • training blocks such as back and spine training or relaxation exercises

Company Health Insurance

Getting healthy again is the best thing for all involved!

If there is parity in income, the additional benefits are what counts!

iStock_000018650019XXXLarge-2When choosing an employer, employees rate attractive welfare benefits and an employer’s welfare provisions as more and more important. Company health insurance is high on the list here.
You score highly as an employer where the recruitment, retention and motivation of your employees are concerned when, in the event of a problem, those employees are treated as private patients.
Moreover, where many illnesses are concerned, employees are absent for less time if they receive better medical treatment. There is a difference in whether you get a specialist’s appointment tomorrow or in three months.
After setting up the system in your company and registering your employees, the processing in day-to-day activity is direct with the health insurer with no additional costs for you.
That pays off twofold, once for you but also, of course, for your employee.

Possible elements of your company health insurance:

  • additional coverage, including treatment by a senior consultant
  • improved dentures
  • extended screenings
  • extended cover up to the status of full private health insurance

Your advantage is obvious

You want the best! – You get the best!

For your specialists:
So that the best come to you and stay with you

The competition for the best people gets more and more intense and can be a burden to middle-sized companies. Company health management and health insurance greatly improve your position.

  • Your employees gain access to private supplementary health insurance with private patient status.
  • Those who do more for their employees than just paying their salary are seen as caring and, in the long term, more attractive employers.
  • Employees seldom talk to third parties about their salary, but rather about additional benefits. This strengthens your image in the region.
  • With the collective solution there are normally only very few exclusions for existing illnesses. This allows you to offer something which not everyone else can.

For a low rate of absence due to sickness:

iStock_000020443644XXLargeThe health of employees is an important factor for efficiency in every business. The promotion of preventative measures and first-class care in the event of illness reduce the time lost due to illness.
According to the Federal Minister for Health in 2012 the average rate for those on sick leave and unfit for work with wage continuation was 3.64 %. In the case of a business with 100 employees and an average gross monthly salary of, for example, €3,000, this results in lost costs of €10,920 per month or €131,040 per year. An occupational health management programme and a company health insurance scheme can reduce these costs.

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